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Nikki Jones reviewed Bruner's Computers  5 star

I am so thrilled to share my experience with Bruner's Computers! I broke my flash drive the day before my final project was due. This was a project that I spent the whole term working on. I called every computer repair company that I could find on Google, Bruner's was the only company that said they could try. I'm so excited to say they were able to retrieve my files right away!!

Mick Jett 5 Stars

Mary Bruner saved a life last week. I'm talking about my aging,dilapidated computer; It seemed to be in its last gasp, ... maddeningly slow and crashing such odd things as Flash, whatever that is, and poker sites just when I had a winning hand. AOL just couldn't manage to open mail unless it was spam, and then it wouldn't close it. The appropriately named guide book, Word for Dummies failed me or perhaps I failed it. Mary doesn't ride a white horse, but she certainly deserves one. A trip to her pleasant store on South Capital Circle answered all the problems. My computer is now as responsive as an energetic child prodigy and, unlike myself, has a remarkable new ton of memory. Thank you, Mary.